NFTPAD — An IDO launchpad to empower NFT related projects


NFTPAD is a platform that supports new token IDOs, with a focus on NFT related projects. The NFTPAD allows users to easily register to buy, swap, and claim the new tokens. Token staking is required to participate in the NFTPAD’s IDO launchpads.

The first project will be the IDO of NFTA tokens, and SOTA token staking is required to get an allocation. The NFTPAD is available for users to start to register the KYCs to buy the NFTA tokens ( Users can also stake SOTA to earn high returns from the farming pools.

The NFTA launchpad will be available by the end of May 2021 where users can stake SOTA to be eligible for the NFTA pre-sale allocation. More details on allocation requirements will be provided by then.

Functional description

NFTPAD will operate on the Binance Smart Chain and HECO chain.

The NFTPAD includes 2 key features: user ranking feature, and token swapping/claiming feature. In phase 1 (May 2021), only the first one is available, and swapping/claiming of tokens will be done outside of the platform. In later phases, we will automate these swapping/claiming processes.

For each IDO launchpad, the admin will determine the total token amount, requirements, and allocation method. Users stake to the platform to get their ranking in the system. Together with KYC results and other requirements (if any), the allocation amount to each user will be calculated.

After confirming their allocation amount, users will need to deposit their payment (following their allocation results). The new token will be released following its vesting schedule and users can claim tokens to their wallet.

At the end of the IDO launchpad process, a pool to trade the new token will be provided on decentralized exchanges such as Pancakeswap, MDEX.


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