SOTA Finance has integrated into Polygon chain

SOTA Finance is launching on Polygon! Users now can create NFTs, and trade NFTs created on Polygon blockchain, with low cost and high-speed transactions.

The collaboration with Polygon will give SOTA users more choices to optimize their blockchain networks when creating and trading NFTs.

Let’s create your NFTs on Polygon chain NOW at!

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About Polygon

Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

Top NFT marketplace in Vietnam

“We envision an open, borderless world. A world in which people and machines collaborate and exchange value globally and freely, without gatekeepers or intermediaries. A world in which communities thrive, unconstrained by artificial borders and archaic regulations.

We will strive to empower everyone to effortlessly join this new, better world.”

- Polygon, “Our Vision” -

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About SOTA Finance

SOTA Finance is running the SOTA multi-chain NFT marketplace where users can create and trade NFT easily with their digital content. Users can select the underlying blockchain to optimize transaction fees and market. The marketplace is hosting high-quality NFTs from a large number of artists and NFT content projects.

Besides, SOTA Finance has launched other featured projects such as:

  • NFTA Finance — An auction and loan market for NFTs.
  • NFTpad Finance— An IDO launchpad to empower NFT related projects,
  • SOTA Bridge — To convert your SOTA tokens between Ethereum and other blockchain networks.

The company targets to become an NFT ecosystem to grow the NFT market to the next level and bring it to mass users.


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