SOTA Finance RECAP In July/2021

2 min readAug 9, 2021


From this month, SOTA Finance will start a series named “SOTA Finance RECAP In …” in order to summarize change and activities during the previous month.

Let’s recap all important events in July 2021 with us below!

SOTA Finance Recap

SOTA All-time Artist Recap on 1st July 2021

New content partner update: ALPHA QUARK

In July, SOTA Finance has collaborated with a new content partner — Alpha Quark.

Alpha Quark is a marketplace where users can buy or sell tokenized intellectual property assets. Even though intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets, only limited players could have had access to it. Alpha Quark will enable people to have access to intellectual property.

A collection of Alpha Quark NFTs has been created and sold at the SOTA marketplace.

Besides NFT content, we also corporate in opening farming pools for our users to stake such as “Stake SOTA-BNB earn AQT” or “Stake SOTA earn AQT” at

New feature update: Sota Marketplace has integrated into the @HECO_Chain

New content partner update: MEET OUR NEW PARTNER — SKIPT The Graphic Novel

New feature update: Trending Collections And Artists

Trending Collections and Artists are new functions that #SOTAFinance updated in the July release.


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