SOTA Finance x OKExchain: A New Era to “Trade Anything” from OKExChain

SOTA NFT Marketplace is available to create and trade NFTs with OKExChain!

This cooperation will broaden your way to “Trade Anything” with OKExChain. Users now can create and trade their own NFTs with OKExChain on SOTA.Finance.

Low cost and high-speed transactions are what we would like to describe the process of creating NFTs on the SOTA marketplace. You only need to pay the transaction gas fees for NFT creation.

Start to create and put your NFTs on sale NOW at SOTA.Finance with OKExChain!!

Image: Create a single collectible with OKExChain on SOTA.Finance

What is OKExChain?

OKExChain — it is an independent blockchain supported by OKEx, one of the largest crypto exchanges, for building decentralized applications. The technology built into the chain was specifically designed for high-performance trading activities and financial services which makes it a great match for many DeFi protocols, NFTs, and other metaverse applications.

There are quite a few benefits that OKExChain offers, one of which is lower network fees, when compared to the likes of those on Ethereum. Another advantage that it brings to the table is that it has the flexibility to adjust underlying parameters such as fee rates. This really demonstrates OKExChain’s focus on improving trading and finance-related protocols and its aim to provide the lowest transaction fees in the market.

Find more information about OKExChain at:

About SOTA Finance

SOTA Finance is running the SOTA multi-chain NFT marketplace where users can create and trade NFT easily with their digital content. Users can select the underlying blockchain to optimize transaction fees and market. The marketplace is hosting high-quality NFTs from a large number of artists and NFT content projects.

Besides, SOTA Finance has launched other featured projects such as:

  • NFTA Finance — An auction and loan market for NFTs.
  • NFTpad Finance — An IDO launchpad to empower NFT related projects,
  • SOTA Bridge — To convert your SOTA tokens between Ethereum and other blockchain networks.

The company targets to become an NFT ecosystem to grow the NFT market to the next level and bring it to mass users.


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SOTA Finance- a multi-chain digital content NFT P2P marketplace for creators and collectors. Visit us at

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SOTA Finance- a multi-chain digital content NFT P2P marketplace for creators and collectors. Visit us at

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